Finding the best café POS system for your establishment can make a major impact on your business. Customers that wait in line to pay or wait for service in general, often form overall negative opinions of an experience.

Efficiency is vital to providing top notch service and keeping your employees happy. Choosing the appropriate café POS system for your needs can keep your business running smoothly. To narrow down the list of choices, here is a list and breakdown of the five best café POS systems.


Fee Features
Square POS Start for Free –       Square Point of Sale is included with your Square account at no cost.

–       Best suited to very small cafes or retail outlets who only require very basic tasks.

Abacus Start for $69/Month –       Cloud-based iPad POS at your counter.

–       Start with one terminal and grow to many.

–       Perform all point of sale functions from a single iPad.

–       Best suited to cafes or quick service setups.

Lightspeed Restaurant Start for $97/month –       Best suited for restaurants.

–       100% cloud-based iPad POS System.

–       Powerful ordering features and table maps.

Kounta  Start from  $39/ Month –       Kounta POS is full of powerful features to help you improve service, sales, and efficiency while reducing costs.
Vend POS  Start from $69/Month –       Easy to set up, easy-to-use.

–       Works exactly the way you need it to.

–       Suits both retail point of sale and hospitality point of sale solutions


  1. Square POS

It is hard to argue with a free POS system, and Square is just that. Perfect for small startup spots and cafes, Square allows businesses to utilize any device that is currently available. Square is a basic payment processor but also can handle invoicing and bill payment.

  1. Abacus

The Abacus café POS systems allow business owners to take control over sales and productivity. Featuring the ability to utilize different add-ons like online ordering, staff management, and productivity reports, Abacus can provide valuable information to ensure you are operating optimally.

Abacus features its own line of hardware including POS terminals, cash drawers, and printing systems. This is ideal for avoiding searching for compatible hardware.

  1. Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed features the capability to fully customise its POS system, allowing you to decide what set up is most functional for your café. In addition to customised layouts, Lightspeed offers business owners capabilities including staff management and order tracking.

  1. Kounta POS

Kounta represents a fully functional POS system that covers all the needs any sized café could have. The ability to facilitate online ordering, manage gift cards, and even loyalty programs make this system great for every café owner.

  1. Vend POS

Vend is an extremely flexible POS that can be used on existing devices, making set up easy. With the convenience of a web-based POS system, Vend assures users it will continue to work offline if the internet connection is disconnected.

Web-based POS systems allow users access from anywhere and Vend updates automatically, ensuring security updates and patches are always current.

Fortunately, most café POS systems offer free trial periods. Take the time to decide on which system is best by trying them out first. Whichever café POS system you choose, you will enjoy a newfound efficiency and organisation to your business. For more information on POS systems contact the specialists at Point Of Sale Perth today.